Corf Campsite and SSSI :

In April 2019 the Chair of the Corf Committee, Sam Biles, wrote a general letter to all groups.

This web page will summarize that letter and, we hope, make clearer the position with regard to the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Stewardship Agreement which is in place and overseen by Natural England.

For all Island Scout groups

Historically individual Scout Groups have used and maintained certain sites at Corf BUT it is very important that everyone recognises that YOUR SITE IS NOT YOUR SITE LEGALLY. All of Corf Camp site is owned by the Trustees (members) of the County Executive Committee under the Terms of Reference approved last year, the County Executive have charged the Corf Sub-Committee with the management of Corf but it is the Trustees who are responsible and they who carry the can if things occur which are not properly authorised, or which breach the Stewardship Agreement.

This means that alterations or works which may affect the SSSI or the management under the Stewardship Agreement must not be carried out by individuals or scout groups without the sanction of the Corf Committee or the warden on their behalf.

After several visits from Natural England (N.E.) it is now plain that we can not do what we like to our sites. N.E. likes to use the phrase ancient Woodland. Remember, Corf is not a campsite it is ancient Woodland and has to be looked after.

With every SSSI there is a list of Potentially Damaging Operations (PDO's) which are seen by N.E. as things which could damage the environment. For instance, building works or wholesale clearance of vegetation, it would be illegal to carry out such works without approval from N.E.

The List of PDOs for Corf are listed here Please read this before filling out form CCF1

Because of these legal issues the Corf Sub Committee must be informed of any work groups wish to do on their site well in advance of the intended work. Please use form CCF1 below

CCF1: Site Works Proposal Form To be used when individual Scout Groups wish to do work on their site.
Please download the form (RH click + Save link as ) add your details and send it to Email:

A full explanation of the above can be viewed or downloaded here:- SSSI Leaflet Mar 19

Request for Assistance at Corf

The County Campsite at Corf largely relies upon volunteer help from within Island Scouting. Our Terms of Reference put Island Scouting firmly at the top of our priorities, please understand that Corf is primarily a facility for Island Scouts and that it needs your help to keep it running.

Corf is in need of two levels of help

Assistant Warden

The Assistant Warden's role, out of season, would involve; managing the service teams (Monday or Wednesday), Liaise with any contractors working at Corf, Showing perspective summer visitors around the site.
In the camping season the Assistant Warden would also need to see campers in when they arrive, Liaise with the campers during their stay and carry out site inspection when they leave.
These tasks are all done by Barrie at present.

A link to a PDF form is here (CCF3: WARDEN'S ASSISTANCE FORM) please download it (RH click + Save link as )
Add your details and forward it to (Sam Biles Chair Corf County Campsite Sub-Committee)

Barrie is more than happy to chat through what is required if you would like to contact him informally: 07525 726867 or

New Service Team members

If you have the necessary skill set and would be prepared to assist us with general maintenance at Corf please can you indicate any skills that you may have and fill out the attached form ( CCF2: MAINTENANCE SKILLS LIST FORM) please download it (RH click + Save link as ) add your details and send it to Email:

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