Corf Campsite and SSSI :

A copy of the letter from the Chair of the Corf Committee, 7 March 2019

Re: County Camp Site Corf - Site Works on the SSSI and Request for Assistance
I am writing to you as the Chair of the Corf Committee which is the subcommittee charged by the County Executive to run and administer the County Campsite at Corf.
The purpose of this letter is twofold: Firstly, to set out the position at Corf with regard to the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the Stewardship Agreement which is in place and overseen by Natural England and secondly to ask for volunteer help for work and maintenance at Corf.
Many thanks for your assistance.
Yours sincerely
Chair Corf County Campsite Sub-Committee


There follows a series of links to PDF files which were attached to the letter above:-

  1. Request for Assistance at Corf

  3. CCF2: MAINTENANCE SKILLS LIST FORM For anyone who would like to help at Corf

    A PDO ?
    With every SSSI there is a list of Potentially Damaging Operations (PDO's) which are seen by Natural England (N.E.) as things which could damage the environment. For instance, building works or wholesale clearance of vegetation, it would be illegal to carry out such works without approval from N.E.

  4. The List of PDOs for Corf are listed here Please read this before filling out form CCF1
  5. CCF1: Site Works Proposal Form To be used when individual Scout Groups wish to do work on their site
  6. SSSI Leaflet Mar 19

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